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This site, and all of the pages of KASUNIC.COM: The Copyright Law and Litigation Resource, are provided by Rob Kasunic solely as a service to the public, students, and fellow practitioners. It is hoped that the information provided at this site will be helpful to the public in familiarizing themselves with copyright and trademark issues that may affect them. Legal advice, however, must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. Nothing provided herein should be construed as legal advice nor should information herein be used as a substitute for advice of competent counsel. While efforts will be made to keep this site up to date, there is also no warranty, promise or guarantee that the information on this site is current, correct, or complete. In addition, be aware that the law may vary from state to state and from country to country for certain aspects of intellectual property law,  so some information in this site may not be correct for your jurisdiction. Finally, you should keep in mind that as a service to you, numerous links to other web sites are provided. I have no control over such web sites, I am not affiliated with those sites, and I cannot be responsible for their content.

While I am currently employed at the U.S. Copyright Office, and an Adjunct Law Professor at the American University's Washington College of Law and the Georgetown University Law Center, all information or opinions originating from this site are strictly my own. This content on this site has no relationship with and is not sponsored or affiliated with either the U.S. Copyright Office, the Washington College of Law, the Georgetown Law Center, or any other organization.

This web site is intended to be a public resource for general information. It is not intended be a source of advertising, solicitation, or legal advice and the reader should not consider this information to be an invitation for an attorney-client relationship, should not rely on information provided herein, and should always seek the advice of competent counsel in the reader's state. The owner of this web site is an attorney licensed only in Maryland and the District of Columbia. I will be happy to provide links to other web sites and other legal resources related to copyright, intellectual property, and Internet law, however, no such links should be considered referrals or endorsements of the linked entities. Furthermore, the owner of this website does not wish to represent anyone desiring representation based upon viewing this website in a state where this website fails to comply with all laws and ethical rules of that state. In addition, the use of Internet e-mail for confidential or sensitive information is discouraged. While the Internet can be an important resource for information, in any legal situation, the advice of competent local counsel, after a full review of the facts in your particular situation, is generally advisable. 

Finally, the owner of this website freely grants permission to anyone wishing to link to this web site without misrepresentation and the owner will gladly remove any link from this web site upon request from the linked entity. This web site is not sponsored or associated with any particular linked entity. The existence of any particular link is simply intended to imply potential interest to the reader.

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